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Prada Linea Rossa Glasses

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Prada Linea Rossa Glasses

Prada Sport is the leisure eyewear line from the iconic luxury Italian designer brand Prada, and is also frequently referred to as the Prada Linea Rossa collection. Prada Sport glasses have a predominantly sporty aesthetic and are designed to be more durable and lifestyle focused than those featured within the main Prada label and geared to be practical and versatile for everyday wear, whilst remaining stylish in true Prada style. Prada Sport glasses feature an array of designs for men and women, all of which are placed within five main style categories. Prada Sport glasses boast distinctive and dynamic aesthetic features and incorporate only the most innovative materials in the eyewear industry. The frame styles vary from thicker frames with a trend-focused appeal and conveying the geek-chic preppy look, whilst others are more understated with a slim or semi-rimless frame and possess a timelessly stylish and informal quality. Fine metal wire is often featured along the temples to accentuate the chic tone of the designs and every pair of Prada Sport glasses feature the Prada Sport red line logo displayed along the arm. Prada Sport glasses are also highly superior in terms of technological features including plastic, rubber and nylon injected frames and anti-fogging slots. The metal frame colours are available in a variety of colours, emphasising the sporty tone of the glasses and infusing a contemporary finish. All the designs within the Prada Sport glasses collection maintain strong character with sleek lines and highly elite craftsmanship. This is the perfect collection if you are seeking a practical pair of glasses with innovative styling that also creatively amalgamates the high-fashion and exclusive Prada twist.

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